[Forminator Pro] Forminator Settings Give "Null" input when I add a "Visible"

Hello, I’m using Forminator to create a Website Form for my clients.

I’ve created several Radio fields with “If this, then that” conditions that aren’t working.

Here’s the exact situation that’s happening.

I created a Radio element called, “Do You Have A Logo?”

It has two options. Yes and No.

Then I created an “File Upload” element right under that Radio element.

I created a Rule in the “File Upload” Visible settings to only show the “File Upload” element if they select the Value “Yes” for the Field “Do You Have A Logo” radio element.

The problem is, I select “Yes” for the Value then after I select ‘Done’ the “File Upload” element keeps showing “Null”.

This is happening to several sections throughout the Form.

So as a result, the “File Upload” element just shows on the form regardless if they have selected Yes or No to the Radio element “Do you have a Logo?”

Can I have this checked please?

Thank you!