[Forminator Pro] Forminator Submit Button Question

I'm trying to create a form with three horizontal input fields: Name, Email, Company. I would like the submit button to be horizontally aligned with the inputs (right next to the 'Company' input field). However, it defaults to appearing under the input fields. How do you move the Submit button to appear in a horizontal row, just to the right of the third input field?

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    Hi Bo Armstrong

    Hope you are doing good today.

    In such case this will require base css to fit both rows in one row.

    #forminator-module-214 .forminator-row:nth-child(2) {float:left;}
    #forminator-module-214 .forminator-row:nth-child(3) {float:left;}

    where 214 is your form ID.

    Of course this require also additional values like width and correct values for button, each case is different depend from theme and place where you put this form.

    Are you able to point me to correct page URL where I could check source and provide correct css for you?

    Kind Regards,

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