[Forminator Pro] Grouped checkboxes now treated like radio buttons

There is a fundamental difference between checkboxes and radio buttons - somewhere in v1.3 to 1.5 Forminator was changed to treat them alike.

In prior versions I had conditional logic on checkboxes. Let's say two checkboxes in a single multi-select group with IDs checkbox-1 and checkbox-2. So controls further down had "show if checkbox-1 is checked" and "show if checkbox-2 is checked".

Now, the multi-box set is grouped as one control. So checkbox-2 is removed and the tests need to be replaced with the equivalent of "show if the group name is (includes) foo" and "show if the grup name is (includes) bar". It's using the labels of the group and the checkboxes.

I understand and appreciate the change but this broke a huge form that had conditional visibility on the checkboxes.

To be clear, checkboxes are not the same as radio buttons. That condition "if groupname is value" is valid for radio buttons when only one selection is possible: "groupname is this value and none other". Checkboxes can be grouped together as a UI/UX concept but there does not need to be an association between them. There is no such concept as "groupname Is this checkbox value" when the label on the group is a matter of convenience.

We could say "groupname Has this value". But I wouldn't want my entire form to break if we decide to move the checkbox elsewhere.

I'm not asking for a specific change, not asking to go back to the way it was. I'm asking for more consideration about how these controls are used, how they are added and perhaps moved around. If we need a lot of effort to accommodate simply moving controls around, renaming them, etc, then there's room for improvement.