[Forminator Pro] Make multiple plug-ins GDPR compliant

I just filled in one product, but this is the case for many products WPMU is sharing with us.
I would like to have multiple plug-ins 100% GDPR cmpliant, listed below:

1. Forminator Pro.
2. Hustle.
3. Google Analytics+
4. Coursepress Pro
5. Membership 2 Pro
6. Pro Sites
7. Marketpress eCommerce
8. Appointments +
9. Events+
10. Jobs & Experts
11. Support System
12. Slide In
13. Private Messaging
14. E-newsletter
15. Pay per view
16. Forums
17. Subscribe by email
19. Buddypress Activity +
20. User reports
21. Chat
22. Pay with a like
23. Contact widget

Maybe even more, maybe even less.
But as you can see almost 50% of the plug-ins need personal data of visitors (paying information, names, IP adresses or other information that might relay the information to a single person).
In Europe we must be able to deliver all THEIR information (chats, messages send by forms, IP logging etcetera) if a single customer asks for it. They must be able to alter it, request to remove it or be able to download it.

I would like the plug-ins to be 100% GDPR compatible and usable for the European customers.