[Forminator Pro] more robust scoring on personality quiz

The personality quiz is an awesome feature and looks really nice. But the scoring is so limited that I can't use it for the personality quiz I am building! Currently you can only assign one personality type to each response option. What if I have a question asking if you are male or female, and I want to assign all of the male personalities to one response and all of the female personalities to the other response? It's impossible to do right now but seems basic.

Also, why not make it possible to assign a certain number of points for each response as well? This way, if the question is "Do you enjoy going to parties?" then clicking "strongly agree" could be worth 3 points for the "extrovert" personality type and clicking "somewhat agree" could be worth 1 point for "extrovert". It would give developers a lot more control over how the quiz is scored and would make the personality quiz feature much more usable.

There could just be a little "+ add more" at the bottom of each response option in the builder, which lets you add an additional personality type, if you want. Then there could be a column to the right for "points" where a dropdown menu or box appears to let you set how many points it is worth.