[Forminator Pro] Multiple Form Notifications


I really like Forminator Pro as I have been using Gravity forms for the last 8+ years however I cannot make the transition to Forminator because of the inability to send different form notifications. For instance, I work with Car Dealerships and I send one form notification to a lead notifications email address in html/text format and another to their crm email address in ADF XML format for their CRM. I realize that you have zapier for things like this but most car dealer CRM software do not have a zap on zapier or other sites like it. Furthermore, on one site I use multiple notifications based on conditional logic (for instance if its a cash purchase, finance purchase or lease purchase)

So I'm wondering if WPMUDev has any plans to 1. Implement the ability to have multiple form submission notifications and 2. The ability to use conditional logic on those said form submission notifications as this is one of the most powerful things about Gravity forms (along with all of the third party extensions and plugins)

If you could please let me know if any of this is in the development road map it would be greatly appreciated.