[Forminator Pro] Personal Data Export and Removal Tools / Forminator integration

wp 4.9.6 is currently in RC1
the new Personal Data Export and Removal Tools for GDPR Compliance looks like a great help for site owners/admins.
i have noticed a couple things ;
1 - "WordPress 4.9.6 does not give users a button to make these requests. Instead, a site’s privacy policy needs to include information on where to send such requests." according to wpTavern ;
2 - on multisite i only see the two tools in the main site for the SuperAdmn

if these are indeed the case i thought of something that might be useful for Forminator Pro
direct integration of some sort basically.
currently it seems that the flow would be - a user request export/or/removal via a form, then the admin reads it, then goes into the admin tools and sends the email request, then awaits the confirmation.

so how about when the user completes a Forminator form it would automatically send the export/removal request ?

exactly how best to implement it would also be a great discussion but the point here is simply to request such integration to eliminate a tiny step.
the admin may get an email notification (not sure if this is also in core) or basically see the pending request under admin/tools already rather than having to create it for the user/visitor initially - they create the request themselves via Forminator on the front end.
that seems pretty convenient/quicker to me for both visitor and admin.

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello there amused,

    hope you're doing good and really appreciate the feedback on this!
    I just checked a testing website of mine that runs the WordPress Beta Tester plugin and noticed the new GDPR goodies.

    The integration you're talking about make sense, I'm just not quite sure if we can automate such procedure, or if it has to be done manually due to the GDPR itself.
    Anyway, I've shared this thread with Forminator developers, so if it's something doable and valuable, will make it to our roadmap eventually.
    If we have more insights about it, will keep you posted here! :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,

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