[Forminator Pro] Provide Double-Optin to Forminator Pro

I have setup a simple order-form at https://hilfe.macbay.de/mpress-bestellung/ where the submitting client will receive the order-confirmation email after sending the form.

With regard to the upcoming GDPR I need an additional process, where the client will confirm the order or at least his email-address by clicking a confirmation link to be send to the client prior to sending him the order-confirmation.
How can I achieve this?
Thank you and kind regards,

  • Nathan
    • Getting there

    I could be wrong, but technically they are not opting into anything on this form, or did I miss that?

    If you are adding them to a mailing list, then there needs to be a check box on the form for them to confirm they want to be added.

    Or if you want them to agree to your TOS or Privacy Policy a check box is needed as well.

    Just my thoughts, maybe WPMU understands your request better

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla


    Such "TOS/Privacy" checkbox can be set already in Forminator. To do this, simply drop the "Multiple Choices" field on the form and in its settings add proper label/description, set it to use "checkboxes" and define just one option (e.g. "I agree to Privacy Policy") then set the field as required. This way it only will let submit the form if that checkbox is checked, otherwise it will return a message that the checkbox is required.

    Best regards,

  • sushling
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hello All,

    thank you for your replies. I will add TOS and Privaty Statement to the form soon.

    Still, to me it's not clear if the double-optin is mandatory for all kinds of web-forms with regard to GDPR. However, as soon as the form is used to process an order, the double-optin process is mandatory. This is at least the case here in Germany.

    Since I the form in question is an order-form and Forminator Pro provides no double-optin, I'm afraid that I cannot use it and need to find another form-builder who can provide this feature. Any ideas which free form-builder provides double-optin? Pls don't name CF7, I have already tested and didn't like it :wink:

    Kind regards,

  • Nathan
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    I think you may be confused as to what a double opt in is.

    A double opt in includes a confirmation step where the contact receives an email and has to confirm their signup.

    This is in regards to an email news letter signup.

    As for contact forms, you have to include in your privacy policy why you need users information and what you do with it.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Sascha,

    As it was mentioned already, I believe that double opt-in is only needed in order to send promotion newsletters to your users and subscribers, purchasing a product in online store doesn't require double opt-in as far as I know.

    I might be wrong though as this GDPR is quite confusing to me :slight_smile:
    So I will also forward your ticket to our developers and GDPR guys for further investigation and to see if it's something we could/should add in future releases.

    Best regards,

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