[Forminator Pro] Saved Forms/Partially complete forms


This one is a bit “out there”, however its borne from a couple of clients we have who have one or two items to sell and don’t want/need full eCommerce to do it. Forminator can do most of this (see my other post for one feature request to make this easier). However one thing (maybe in conjunction with Hustle) to make this more able to capture clients would be the ability to have the form appear Globally on the site, saving the changes as they (the customer) edit the form and do not submit it.

So I’m thinking of Hustle’s Social Media Slide-ins but this could also be a icon in the menu (that would ideally change based on a calculated field to put a number onto the icon like one of the many shopping cart icons you see). Clicking the icon brings up the form (standard hustle behaviour), BUT if you close the form without submitting it, navigating , re-opening it and updating it should be kept consistent (ie keep the content already filled) until the customer submits the form.

Using the Submissions (or rather a separate partial submissions) table to keep the form data until submitted would enable this (and possibly allow things like capturing people that only ever partially fill in data to increase retention/re-capture).