[Forminator Pro] Send submission email to address in form field

We have site visitors filling in a form which includes their email address. Note, these users do not yet have a WP account. Think of it like a Sales Contact form. So we can't send a submission confirmation to the user's WP-registered email address.

We can send an email "To user", and "To admin". The Advanced Delivery fields include CC and BCC addresses. But there isn't a direct way to send to a specific TO address based on a form field. We could send TO a "dummy" address, with a CC as desired here, but that's a bit corny.

I haven't done this yet but I'm sure we can also create a Zapier integration, passing it the fields and having another process re-format and send out an email. But that approach seems to be cumbersome.

We can also hook the submission/email process, and I believe we should be able to substitute the To address.

Should we use the Mail Chimp integration for that?
Create a new addon? :slight_smile:

So am I missing anything? Any opinions on the best/fastest solution?