[Forminator Pro] Update forminator hook functionnality to give the current entry_id AND form_id


Right now I'm using the forminator_custom_form_after_save_entry hook to do something with the data right after a user submits an entry to a form.

However, the current version of this hook only gives you the $form_id in a parameter. This means that I have to implement a custom logic if I want to get the entry just submitted by the user.

It would be great if the hook would directly give you the submitted entry_id and form_id so we'll query the forminator API directly to get this submitted entry data.

For your information, here is how I need to do right now to get the last submitted entry:

public function MY_HOOKED_FUNCTION_NAME($form_id)


$current_user = wp_get_current_user();

//Get all entries of the add job forms

$entries = Forminator_API::get_entries($form_id);

foreach ($entries as $entry) {

$job_form_data = $entry->meta_data;

//Get only the last entry submitted to the job form by the current user

if ($job_form_data["hidden-1"]["value"] == $current_user->ID && $form_id == 44) {






It would be waaay easier if i could just query the API with

$entry = Forminator_API::get_entry($form_id,$entry_id);