[Forminator Pro] Upload File Error

Hello ,
My client using Pantheon Hosting , I got error when I upload a file to the form.

I contact Live agent and he said I should make conflict test.

I did it , By disable all plugins except Forminator and the Hub.

And I got same error !! .. So , I think it is a bug from your side.

Pantheon have three enviroments I will gave support access to Live and Dev.

Obvious differences of DEV and TEST/LIVE environments are:
Different URLs for the site (dev-, test,- live-
TEST and LIVE environment are Write locked because of version control
Each environment has their own, separate DBs
So if the plugin uses any of these as part of the configuration, then they might need to be checked.

Could you help , Please?


- It is working in Dev enviroment because it is in SFTP mode , If I enable Git as ( Test and Live ) It will not working
- Please Check https://pantheon.io/docs/modules-plugins-known-issues/