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I have a very specific issue with Forminator PRO. I needed to create a more complex form which has conditional show logic for multiple fields. The form is basically comprised of a few select dropdowns and whatever value is chosen a corresponding select dropdown shows with more options(something like a tree with different branches). Therefore, some of the select dropdowns are hidden and only one is shown on the same branch.

The problems start when you submit the form. The email receives ALL of the fields from the form and not the ‘shown at the time of submission’ ones. Therefore, you receive fields and their respective default values which should not be in the email.

I hope that all of this makes sense as I would like to see it as a feature on the Forminator plugin.

  • Antonio
    • Flash Drive

    Hello Nastia ,

    I understand. I am new and have only registered last month. I spoke to one of the support team members and she suggested this road.

    I believe that this feature is necessary as Forminator PRO is then useless for more complex forms. I need to be able to extract what exactly the user has chosen from the select dropdowns. As the emails contain the values of every single field on the form, so if I have 20 select dropdowns then the whole purpose of the form is void as I receive all of them. Every single one of the fields is shown by a choice of a previous select dropdown value. It is like a roadmap with different intersections – I need to find out what turns the user took.

    I am currently using Caldera forms and really see the potential in Forminator and want to see it have that feature but for now, my clients` needs require me to stay with them.

    Thank you.

  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    Strong +1

    @ staff – if there is a filter, now or soon, that is invoked prior to the sending of the email, then we can use back-end logic to check fields that were entered, and eliminate fields from the email that we don’t want. Can someone provide a tip toward this or a similar near-term remedy?


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