Formulator lacks one major thing!!!!

I really like the Forminator plugin. It really does stand out compared to other form-plugins I have used with the exception of one very important feature!!!
All the other plugins let you specify an email address, so the entry data can be sent very easily to anyone you want. I really struggled to find this feature in Formulator, and while the "form emails" section in "settings and behavior" let you build an email to either the user og the admin, this is not exactly good enough.
My clients wants to know when someone fills out the form, and want to read the entries immediately - by email, but they don't want these emails sent to the admin email-address for various reasons. The only option with Formulator, is to change the admin email-address on the site, which again is very inconvenient.
Secondly, the "form emails" feature has a huge bug, so when your form contains "multiple choice" entries, the data shown in the email is the word "Array" instead of the actual data.
Unfortunately I have to keep on using WPforms until Forminator let me sent the entry-data to a specific email-address. I really hope this will be possible very soon :wink: