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We have just installed the Forums plugin. Whenever a user attempts to add a message, we are presented with the message: "Invalid user account..." How do we go about avoid this message? Could we use the membership plugin to get the users logged in? If so, any pointers on how to achieve this?


  • Mason
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    Hiya athletechs,

    Can you provide us with a bit more info about how you have this setup (versions of WordPress/BuddyPress etc).

    Make sure a user has a role on that particular site of your WordPress network as well. You wouldn't need to use the membership plugin to help with login, but if you'll give me a bit more info as to what you're trying to achieve I'll be glad to help point ya in the right direction.


  • athletechs
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    We are Wordpress 3.0.3 MU. We are not using BuddyPress.
    We use Domain Mapping (
    We use subdomains for each site within the domain.

    The issue can be seen on, contact us > forums.

    I am not sure what this means "Make sure a user has a role on that particular site of your WordPress network as well.".

    This is my first experience with any forum with Wordpress. In fact, I have never stood up a Wordpress site where the users need to register themselves. This is all new to me. So I appreciate any tips.


  • Mason
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    Hiya athletechs,

    You'll need to enable user registrations on the site. Go to Super Admin>Options in the WordPress admin and you'll see the ability to do so there.

    Folks will need to sign up for an account (here: and then log in to use the forums. Alternatively, you can always manually add users to the site and make sure they have a user role for that site specifically.

    More information on this (and a general introduction to all things WordPress) can be found in our manuals. Take a look here:

    Haven't used the janrain engage plugin. Any question in particular about it (and a link)?


  • drmike
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    I haven't used it either. First I;ve seen of it actually I believe. Gotta admit that I don't like the multiple login systems like these. It just takes a single hack to make usernames and passwords known by others. The more your logins are spread around, I think it's more of a security risk.

    From looking at it though, looks like it just creates a user only account. Not sure how it would work in tandem with the forums plugin from here, Simplepress has this built in I believe (edit: here) although I don;t recall it ever coming up before.

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