Forums plug-in: a few simple suggestions


I'm just testing the forums extensions and would like to make a few simple suggestions regarding this plugin:

1. When creating a new forum, user is given the possibility to customize the colors of the forum. Ok, this is cool but it would be helpful to add a small picture showing to the end-user what corresponds to Color one, Color two, Header color, Border color, ...)

2. It looks like the preferred date format (set in WP settings) is not respected in the dates of the posts. This is a problem with non English languages which don't use this kind of format: Sat, January 1st 2011 5:57 PM. If this is not possible, maybe the date format could be set in a language file?

3. There should be a "back to index" link a the top of each thread. Asking the visitor to use the "Back" button of his browser is not very user friendly.

4. Another little detail: A space should be added between TOPICS and (NEW): TOPICS(NEW)

5. It looks like posting is restricted to registered users only. Somes users might want to offer the posting option to non registered users (as well as comments). Would that be possible? Of course this could be supported by your anti-spam plugin.

6. This one will be more complicated... and I'm sure I'm not the first one to ask for this. But it would be really cool to let the user define categories for his forums (I know there are other plugins to do that, but I don't want to add more than basic features). maybe this could be set as an optional supporter feature.