Forums Plugin Installation


I just installed the forums plugin but I'm running into a few problems getting it working. And the documentation is very thin. :slight_smile:

1. In the wp-admin area, I'm for some reason seeing a link to:

Clicking this link results in an error message:
Cannot load forums.php.

What's bizarre is my colleague accesses the wp-admin area and sees a link that works at the top of the page:

I have tested this in every browser on my computer (Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safaria). I have disabled security software. I have cleared cache and cookies. I have even gone through a proxy IP address so it's different to the user IP of the person who installed the plugin. But it still doesn't work for me.

We're both using the same "admin" user account. The only difference is I'm using the Windows 7 Beta while he is using Windows Vista. But surely the OS environment could not cause a problem like this? Surely it's the browser that counts?

I have tested this on two development sites and I get the same exact problem each time.

2. Hitting the /wp-admin/forums.php page directly I am able to create forums. But I'm not clear on how to access them from the frontpage. Is there a tag I need to insert into a wordpress page I create? Please explain how the forums are loaded from the frontend.

Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile: