Forums Plugin – Multiple Forums on Same Page

Hello Everyone,

Finally made the great choice to get my membership going here on WPMUDEV!

I have a pretty specific need and I’m not sure if I am overlooking something or if I am even approaching this the correct way.

Each site that my members create needs to be able to have a front facing forum(s) page. Initially my thinking was I would go with the Community plugin but I found it didn’t meet the needs we have as the actual forums and what not would appear in the backend of each site and not on the front end (in the theme).

So we decided to investigate the forums plugin and found that it meet the need. It allowed us to give users the ability to create a forum that appears on the site in the theme instead of the Dashboard / backend.

Decided to do a bit of testing on a demo machine before rolling it out though and realized that while you can create multiple forums when you go to place the tags inside a page that it appears only one forums tag may appear per page.

While we could ask users to create separate pages and put a different tag on each page it would be easier if all of the tags could go on one page and parse properly.

I’m asking here because honestly I’m not sure if I missed something. Is this sort of functionality possible?

Many Thanks to everyone for your responses and advice in advance. I look forward to hearing your responses.