Forums Plugin Shortcodes Not Working For Me

After struggling with trying to get a membership solution that worked well with forums and your Wiki plugin, I decided to bite the bullet and get your Forums and Membership plugin.

Membership works great, after struggling with Wishlist and BuddyPress this seems to be a simple and elegant solution. I've got membership levels defined and it works great with Wiki. Forums, however, is a different matter.

For forums, I've tried without success to get BuddyPress to work, have also tried Symposium and Mingle Forum. Between the learning curves for these solutions, I decided to give up and thought perhaps I could get wiki/forums/membership to work together well if I restricted myself to the WPMU Dev ecosysystem.

I've created three forums, and created a "User Forums" page on which I've embedded the shortcodes for the forums: [forum:1], [forum:2], and [forum:3]. What I'm getting is no text displayed for the first forum, and the other two shortcodes display as plain text. I want a page with a list of forums ... sounds simple, but so far I'm stymied (and I've been unable to find a thread here that addresses this problem).

By the way, I've set number of maximum forums to 25 on the Options page...