forwarding messages and other navigation

I am using the network theme (child theme with a few customizations). I don't know if what I am asking is theme specific or not but wanted to give as much info as I could. I also have buddypress installed on a MU site. All current versions.

When you open a message there is no forward button. You can reply but not forward. Is this a normal thing?

Also, once I open a message there is no back or any other navigation to easily return to your inbox.
I appreciate any insight and help.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    In short we'd say use the in any 'is it the theme' case the default BuddyPress theme. If you see it in that then it's the behaviour we work with in our themes.

    Should you find any behaviour that is in the default theme but we're not using in our themes before you report make sure with all plugins and widgets off you still see it. You may have a script issue.

  • Rick Lewis
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ok so the answer to the question
    Is this a normal thing?
    is no?

    or maybe yes if it's there otherwise and theme changes it or if a plug in creates an issue?

    No offense but a yes or not would have worked well.

    I haven't check the default buddypress theme for that as of yet but I do know there are a few THEME based errors that show in the console both in firefox and IE. they may be irrelevant in some ways but it seems like some script being loading in the header causes me grief with other plug ins. When I change to a default theme I don't have the issues and recently had to turn off the buddypress admin bar as the buddypress chat which works in the default theme breaks the site in IE.

    I am troubleshooted things on my own to the best of my ability and turning the admin bar off is a work around that got it working. Kills the admin bar as well as the links in it but the site is working in IE now.

    I shall continue on with troubleshooting and see if I can get the theme working properly.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    The theme should and does as far as know work as per the default theme. This is why we ask you to test against it. We use that as our baseline for behaviour.

    We can't also in every case judge - to assume you have the same set up as any other user simply is a bad path to go down. As a result we need to work with you towards debugging which we do if you let us.

    If you find something not working like the BuddyPress default theme - it's a bug.

    If you find something working like the BuddyPress default theme BUT you want it to do something else - it's an enhancement. This may be something you want in our theme or even added to BuddyPress.

    If an enhancement is good for everyone you'd be best serving the community to report as a ticket on BuddyPress trac and see if people want to add to core.

    If an enhancement is something only good for you / particular to your case then you'd need to get someone to do a custom job.

    Rather than hinting to theme errors giving actual examples above ones I've already told you will not be interacting with scripts would be helpful. This is a theme that works for a number of users beyond your install so it's not like we've released a theme with bugs that all encounter. If there is an issue or bug we are always happy to investigate you've never been told we are not.

    I will also add you have a fair few plugins and more you add more chance of something going wrong. It could even be one plugin not behaving well with another above and beyond the theme. Again this is why we suggest the default BuddyPress theme as NO scripting in it so a great test case.

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