Found a bug with Multisite Privacy and/or New Blog Templates Plugin

Hello all,

OK so I think I may have found an interesting bug.

Im currently using WP multisite, Marketpress, Multisite Privacy and New Blog Templates to create an ecommerce photography site. Yes I will write a wee tutorial here for those wishing to do the same thing.

Anyway part of the brief is that each subsite must be password protected. No problem for Multisite Privacy! But I also want this setting to be preset when the client create subsites for her clients and in comes New Blog Templates to save the day!

Bug: When I create a new subsite the privacy setting and password are copied from my template over onto the new blog but it doesnt work. I discovered I had to choose a different privacy setting on the new blog and then back to the password setting for it to kick in.

Yaaaay I think I found a bug.

Anybody else come across this, is there a fix?

Cheers dudes