Found some problems with the Jobs and Experts Plugin

Someone else has the same problem I was waiting on the solution from there post but he has not posted back that he has enabled the support tab so I started my own.

1. The Jobs page always shows "No Jobs Found," there is lots of jobs available. The jobs do appear on the main landing page which shows jobs and experts. But on the Jobs page itself, no jobs are ever found. If you press Jobs next to edit on the top of page then the jobs will show but have a double

2. Browse Experts does the exact same thing.
with /expert/expert/

3. on the jobs settings and experts settings in admin I have disable contact checked but contact form Button is still showing on page.

I Checked if there was an error log there was no log
Side note on this form there is no upload image section, I will publish this and edit to see if I can show the Pics of what I'm speaking about.
I also enabled the support
Support access is ACTIVE until October 27, 2014 11:21 pm