Four eNewsletter issues to report

First, let me say that overall eNewsletter is just great. It is very nice to have my mailing list integrated into WordPress, and also with Membership! I have just a couple of issues to report. I'm going to report them all in one message, because they are very small, but if you prefer in the future to have these broken out into multiple posts, let me know.

1. The HTML editor is unformatted, and thus difficult to work through. I actually need to use the HTML editor more than I thought, due to #2 below.

2. I'm using Safari on my Mac, btw - 6.1 on OSX 10.8.5. When I highlight text and click on the "link" option during compose to create a link in the email, nothing happens. I then go to the html editor to add my link, and get frustrated by #1 above :slight_smile:

3. When I want to add an image to the header, for example, I cannot use the media files already in WordPress.

4. When customizing the colors, sometimes the left side panel starts to shrink, and I'm tempted to "swipe" on my trackpad to see the part of the column that is off of the screen. Ooops - this actually causes me to "go back". I get the message "do you want to stay on this page", but it's too late. My email (if unsaved) just disappears. I'm learning to save!



  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @danita

    Many thanks for your feedback. We appreciate any feedback from members that inform us of how they perceive our plugins & how they could be possibly improved upon, especially where usability is concerned.

    I will pass this feedback on to the developers to see if they can improve these in future releases.

    Many thanks

  • Maniu
    • Developer

    Hey @Danita

    Thanks for the feedback! I topic for all those issues will be fine:slight_smile:

    1. It will stay like this because its using WP editor and it is how it work, improving it would be bit problematic. Maybe future versions of WP will improve it.
    2.I will do my best to recreate this issue and hopefully fix it, it should not happen.
    3. You can but you would have to use HTML to achieve it and i understand that it might not be that comfortable. I will think about adding visual editor for this part as well.
    4. this one will need recreating too. It has never happened to me.

    Thanks again, i am glad you overall like the plugin. Will do my best to improve it:slight_smile:

  • Danita
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    PS - I accidentally clicked on the "collapse" button at the bottom, and could not find my way back, so I just did a copy of everything in the newsletter, and went "back", losing the newsletter setup, but at least I had the content.


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