Four eNewsletter issues to report

First, let me say that overall eNewsletter is just great. It is very nice to have my mailing list integrated into WordPress, and also with Membership! I have just a couple of issues to report. I’m going to report them all in one message, because they are very small, but if you prefer in the future to have these broken out into multiple posts, let me know.

1. The HTML editor is unformatted, and thus difficult to work through. I actually need to use the HTML editor more than I thought, due to #2 below.

2. I’m using Safari on my Mac, btw – 6.1 on OSX 10.8.5. When I highlight text and click on the “link” option during compose to create a link in the email, nothing happens. I then go to the html editor to add my link, and get frustrated by #1 above :slight_smile:

3. When I want to add an image to the header, for example, I cannot use the media files already in WordPress.

4. When customizing the colors, sometimes the left side panel starts to shrink, and I’m tempted to “swipe” on my trackpad to see the part of the column that is off of the screen. Ooops – this actually causes me to “go back”. I get the message “do you want to stay on this page”, but it’s too late. My email (if unsaved) just disappears. I’m learning to save!