Frame Market Install


I think I am doing exactly as mentioned here
but still its not working properly. I uploaded it yesterday...found to be not working properly then mailed my hosting company and got this message from them

"...The style sheet for the newly installed theme "Frame Market" is not working properly which is causing the issue.
So, the contents of the site is displaying without any CSS.
The installation of the theme may be corrupted.
Please uninstall the current package of the theme and try to install a new one for resolving this...."

then after uninstalling reinstalled FrameMarket but still it's not working....please just let me know exactly where am I going wrong? the URL is


P.S. Wordpress is showing this message (i missed it somehow)
"...Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description
GridMarket The parent theme is missing. Please install the "framemarket" parent theme...."