FrameMarket and customizer

Hi, Wordpress 3.4 introduced the 'customizer' to create a way of interactively viewing theme option changes.

Obviously retrospectively fitting existing custom theme options pages is a mamoth task.

However, it looks like the customiser theme options for twenty-eleven have just been 'dumped' on this theme, and the customizer has irrelevant options that just confuse the user.

It is fairly easy to remove theme options from the customizer, so can that be done for the irrelevant ones please, e.g. 'header image' does not apply the header image.

Removing these options isn't hard, if you need some pointers I have done this on other themes.

Of course I could create a child theme to solve this, but I do consider this to be in the 'bug' category.

Thanks, Alan

p.s. I'll attach a screen shot, but there doesn't seem to be an option right now on the first 'submit'