FrameMarket GridMarket home page stuck at bottom of content div

I'm using FrameMarket and GridMarket to build an commerce solution for a local youth sports team ( and I'm having to bring the up to the top with absolute positioning.( I know, gross.) I've tried looking at the .php files for the store, product list, et al and I can't figure out why it's out of order, as it seems like it would be near the top by default and I've replaced the template files I mucked with a couple of times so I'm not sure what the deal is. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Emanaku
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    Hi hotdinosour,

    I think the problem is that you want the title of a post should be outside of the content-div - but standard wordpress is: it is inside :wink:

    When you install firebug for firefox browser or use google chrome you can right click (on Mac ctrl-click) the h1-element and then you see all the css which affects the element (see screenshot).

    If you just remove the absolute positioning then your post title shows up above the pic and the text - but not in the green area, because that would be outside the content-div.

    What you did with the absolute positioning is forcing the titel to be above the content area ...

    So: that is the explanation for what is going on ... :wink:

    Hope that helps ... have fun!!

  • hotdinosaur
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    Hi emanaku. I understand what you posted and had already come to that conclusion myself on the single product pages. What I'm talking about is the home page/marketpress product grid. Do the same firebug test and you'll see it fly down to the bottom of the div immediately. I want the title inside the div, believe me, it's my client that doesn't want it there. Regardless, I'm trying to address the issue in the screenshot I'm attaching.

  • Emanaku
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I am sorry, hotdinosour, that I got it not right the first time.

    The client does not want the title inside the content div, but they want the title above the grid, right?

    Can/are you allowed to change the outpur of the title so it appears in the HTML above the grid? Or is your problem, that you do not find the piece of code for that?

    A pure CSS solution for vertical reordering of blocks without absolut positioning is not possible - as far as I know - except with the table-footer-group/table-row-group etc. - see here:

    So I would say: The absolute positioning in this case is ok - many people use it in similar cases. But if there is a simple way to change the HTML order, then I would prefer that solution ...

    I have looked through all occurrences of "mp-product-grid"-div's in the framemarket/gridmarket theme: In all cases the h1 title is either above the div or is the first thing after the opening div (example see screenshot).

    That means - as far as I can see "from here" :wink: - that you have a customized template, in which the order is not as it was.

    I suggest to search for "mp-product-grid" through your customized templates and find out where it was changed ...

    And ... thanks for the rep points! It's truly appriciated ...

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