FrameMarket Questions:

1. do I need to use this theme together with the MarketPress plugin, or is it a stand alone theme no plugins needed?

2. if I download it, does it have the child theme (gridmarket) already in it?

3. can I use it for affiliate selling? (I sell some products affiliate style)

4. Can I authorize my community BP members to post their own products with links to their own product sites and I charge a commission per click, per listing, or some other way?

Thx, Donald.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hiya Donald!

    1. Nope, it'll stand on it's own too :slight_smile:
    2. Yup! It's in /framemarket/themes/gridmarket
    3. Our Affiliate plugin doesn't integrate *yet* but it's on the list...
    4. That would work *if* you gave your BP members their own sites on your Multisite network. Otherwise, it doesn't distinguish between users I'm afraid.

    Hope that helps!

  • Donald McIntyre
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I just tried the FrameMarket/GridMarket theme. I found it very basic. I couldn´t get a logo up because it only work with "headers" and if it is not 980x100 you need to crop and it inserts it centered and you don´t have options to locate it to the right or to the left. Also I didn´t see a special posting system for uploading products. Product categories section does not exist either. The post types must be for something, but the names used are strange (Chat ¿?) when I used "Chat" type it put a chat image beside the "Hello World" post and when I clicked on the title it took me to a "page not found"

    I didn´t see setting for payment system or shopping cart. I didn´t see system for "product display" like the MarketPress plugin.

    The BP BuddyBar is not shown at the top, it breakes and it is shown at the bottom of the site as a long list of links.

    I think a Market Theme should:

    1. Support that you enter your own products with shopping cart and payment system with a smart form specific for that and not using the wordpress dashboard.
    2. Support that you enter products Affiliate style with the same special form (not one OR the other, both at the same time, when you upload a product you just select if it is affiliate or proprietary product)
    3. Support that BP members can post their own products using the special front end form mentioned above, and the site owner gets a commission, flat $ or %, or other.

    It seems that this is a normal WP/BP theme like a normal blog. Where is the special "Market" functionality, only the post formats?

    Maybe I´m totally confused...


  • Donald McIntyre
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Phil I think that all of the above are not in the theme and that I need the MarketPress plugin to make it work. Can you confirm please? I don´t want to download MarketPress Plugin without checking this because it affects the whole install and it leaves categories and stuff even if you delete it and don´t use it anylonger...

    If you see the Grid Market Demo it has incredible functionality, how is this possible? I think you need the plugin too:

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    Phil has flagged me to respond .. not quite sure why as yes to get shop features yes you need MarketPress installed. We've always been very clear it's a theme for MarketPress. I assume when Phil said it worked on its own he meant it worked as a normal blog theme.. which it does. It certainly isn't a shop without the plugin though.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Yep, sorry intended to get a response in before you Tammie!

    It does work on it's own but if you want shop features you will still need a shopping cart - FrameMarket doesn't provide any shopping functionality itself still, it's just a shopping cart.

    Tammie - would be good to get you to look into the issues with display here, such as the BuddyPress bar placement etc.


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