Framemarket,when you click on a product often it will redirect to a different product.

Hello I bought Framemarket and put it on my new site. When you click on one of my products and it goes to the expanded view, with the shopping cart, it redirects to a different product, much of the time. There are no conflicting plugins like Woocommerse , a CDN or Cache plug in, or anything. The SKU numbers are entered accurately, it just switches to a different product and SKU. If you click on The Header button called "Tie Dye Gallery" and from the drop down menu choose the " Shirts & Tank Tops" category, the first and second listings called "Spiral Tank" and" Pastel Spiral Tank", when you click on those, they consistently go to an expanded view of a "'Peace Symbol tie Dye Tank Top", with the shopping cart and all that. then On the "Tie Dye Gallery"drop down menu, the category called "Yoga & Sweat pants, Shorts",well the 2nd and third listings called "Pastel yoga pants" and "Spiral Sweat Pants", when you click on them they show an expanded view of Spiral hot shorts consistently, with the shopping cart etc.Why is it choosing other products for the expanded, click on situation ? Thank You ... Have a Great Day !
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