Framework for Plugin with API Communication to SaaS service

Is there any kind of framework, tutorial, or documentation about developing a WordPress plugin that communicates with a SaaS? Something along the lines of how Akismet or Anti-Splog work (but not for comments).
To clarify, we have a SaaS platform and I want to build a plugin that will integrate WordPress sites with our platform. I'm not sure where to start.


  • Jude

    Hey Jacob

    It totally depends on how you want both to interact and the security you want put in place. If WordPress is primarily a consumer the HTTP API is a good starting point. If you want to use WP data else where the JSON REST API makes sense to start. Again not sure if you will need a framework as WP itself is a framework.

    This is a good plugin boilerplate if that's what you meant


  • Jacob

    I guess I'm looking more for information about how to implement the API system. Basically, I want to allow users to update information from wp-admin that is both displayed on their local site & synchronized with the data stored in our database. Eventually, I was to be able to show reporting within wp-admin as well (kind of like how Google Analytics by Yoast shows some graphs based on your connected analytics account, but based on information from our database instead). looks like a good start for a general plugin, but I'm looking more for some boilerplate or information about how to implement a secure data exchange between a wp plugin and another backend.
    Does that make sense?

  • Jude

    Hey Jacob

    Looks like you need to primarily move parts of the DB out of WP and process it and then send some data back to the admin from the processed results.

    I think the JSON API will serve you well if its only specific parts of the data you want or an ETL mechanism from MySQL itself if you want the whole thing. This is a good starting point for the ETL route.

    Hope that helps.


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