Framework Themes and WPMU Plugins

Recently, I submitted a support request asking if WPMU could provide programming assistance for the plugins that didn’t work out of the box as promised.

The response from your staff was that most, if not all, of my problems were due to the Genesis Framework Theme I was using.

1. Do you have it listed anywhere in your marketing materials that WPMU plugins don’t work without special programming when using framework themes?

I’m asking because according to what I’ve read online, I am not the first “non-programmer” to run into challenges with WPMU plugins. If the problem is the theme we’re using, it would sure be helpful to know that before spending all the time and money I spent trying to get them to work.

2. Do you recommend staying away from framework themes all together, or just some of them?

3. Which theme(s) would you recommend that would allow WPMU plugins to work as expected?

Thank you! Dori