Free content site that accepts membership payment 5 levels

Register now goes to Membership page.
Want user to see all pages. Only use is to
Collect Membership info and take a yearly member payment on PayPal, 5 levels.
Change the word subscription in system objects to Membership.

Marcia Oganowski

  • Michelle Shull

    Thanks for this info, Marcia!

    1. To allow your members to see all pages, you'll need to make sure that each of the access levels that goes with each of your subscription levels has the proper permissions, or rules for what can and can't be seen. To do this, make sure each subscription level is attached to an access level. In the settings for each access level, set either positive (choose what you want users to see) or negative (choose what you DON'T want users to see) rules.

    2. To change the text, you have to options. You can use the .pot language file to "translate" the text from Subscriptions to Membership, or, you can use a plugin like our Ultimate Branding, which allows you to create text changes all through your site.

    Hope this helps!