Free Downloads with Marketpress

I’m setting up a template site for php Link Directory Templates and would like to offer Downloads of free and paid template downloads.

I have ran into a few snags. I will list them by questions

1.) How do I offer free Downloads with Marketpress Like they were going to buy but it will not transfer them to paypal?

2.) How do I upload the thumbnail I see the upload for the digital download and price but not seeing the one for thumbnail?

there is the WP media upload Do I use that ( I’m a little confused on it since the setup asks for a thumbnail size.

I’m also assuming I would put the description and any important info about the product in the editor about the product

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi n2rga,

    MarketPress Product thumbnails are all taken care of automatically by WordPress using a featured image. As long as you set a featured image in your product, that’ll take care of the thumbnails.

    Have you tried that yet?

    It may be that you need to enable thumbnails by going to Network Admin -> Settings and ticking Images under the Uploads options.

    Regarding free downloads, wouldn’t that be better done through posts? You could also easily include a direct link to a downloadable file in the product page as well.

    There’s not really a way to provide digital downloads without a purchase transaction though.

    Hope that helps!


  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Have you tried making the download product $0 and having the manual payment gateway activated. If the product is $0 then there is no reason to go to paypal. The order processes as usual and user lands on the thank you page with link to their order. When they click order the download link is listed there.

    Attached is a test purchase that had $0 – it bypasses the select your checkout gateway option and goes directly to processing the order. If you have $250 for example, it shows another page on checkout and allows the user to select from active gateways.

    Notice how it moved the customer from recieved – paid – shipped in on process. An actual pay order $250 using the manual payment gateway leaves the user at recieved. Manual is “cheque” User sends you a check or deposits money into your account. Once money deposited / cheque banked. You move user to paid – shipped.

  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    No – manual order or $0 order as you can see in image the download link is visible so they can download it immediately.

    The process add product to cart > checkout and because it is zero they push pay now, but instead of going to page where they select their payment method, they go straight to thank you page with link to their order. On that page it says what image shows. And user can immediately download.

    If, however you had download product $147 – they would go through checkout, and when they push button to pay after filling in info, they will go to a select payment page. Here they select 2checkout, paypal express or check (manual) – if they select check (manual) they will land on thank you page with link to order. On that page it says what image shows except it is at recieved and download link says awaiting payment or something (can’t remember)

  • HamRadioDude
    • HummingBird

    I tried it after getting home from a BBQ (I LOVE BBQ) :>

    You are correct it does skip the paypal processing. But I did notice it asks for a shipping address and I have no shipping in setting picked is this a problem or the way its supposed to be?

    Also the featured Image is not showing up on the products page were all the products are shown. I made sure – image is checked in settings

  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I’m South African, BBQ (we call it braai) is our standard over the weekends :slight_smile:

    The shipping address issue – I have the same issue – can’t get rid of it – Grrrrr! Even with zero shipping ticked… it is the way the plugin is currently coded.

    Sidenote and I apologize for rant: There is much that wasn’t well thought through with marketpress. I am on the tipping point as to whether I am going to spend time making marketpress a great plugin. Or spend the time rather creating my own, or spend the time on another better plugin (jigoshop). I want to use marketpress as it is at my disposal, and it is very well coded – but it is flawed in so many areas… :slight_frown:

    Edit: The rant above is strictly for marketpress as a digital shopping cart. I think it does a pretty good job as a physical product shopping cart. But as a digital shopping cart – jigoshop is pretty good – and to be fair (you can’t disable the shipping either) But code has just been submitted to allow jigoshop users to remove unwanted shipping fields and add custom fields – just played around with it and it is very nice. Now to get marketpress to be able to do the same – lol

  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    Must say, jigoshop is a pretty nice plugin. But MarketPress has a better name, and I’m confident it’ll get there in the end.

    Sidenote: +1 for Braai. We are moving from UK to South Africa in a year, so I’ll have to change my terminology! Don’t live anywhere near Harrismith, Free State do ya?

  • HamRadioDude
    • HummingBird

    Thanks Jonathan I did give up on Market press until you confirmed that it works and I did try Worked great.

    The next Line is for the developers if one of the Powers that be can pass a long a request.

    Request an Option to not show the Shipping address when marking No Shipping in Settings and Better Yet Add the option to no ship and not show shipping per Product setup Below the add the download upload link.

    Also Configuration Options for each product like Size (Large Medium, Small)(Fill in the options)

    Also before it get lost in the sauce :> Thumbnails is not working for me on the screen that shows all products Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  • TerryG
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    The next Line is for the developers if one of the Powers that be can pass a long a request.

    Request an Option to not show the Shipping address when marking No Shipping in Settings and Better Yet Add the option to no ship and not show shipping per Product setup Below the add the download upload link.

    +1 on the no shipping address screen for downloadable products.

  • HamRadioDude
    • HummingBird

    I have reinstalled wordpress 3.2.1 and reinstalled marketpress reconfigured everything and tested.

    I guess I did not test good enough. as a user picked 3 pay digital downloads and paid with paypal got the payment and it was moreked as shipped I also noticed the shipping address was not asked for (THANK YOU DEVS) :>

    My problem the Download was not offered to them. I just did a test with a not registered user

    these are the steps you can verify if they are correct.

    – Loaded up website

    – picked two of the free Digital downloads.

    – Clicked on ViewCart at the top of page.

    – Clicked checkout

    – everything looks good with total $0 and it gave me two options first is log in and check out, the other Checkout Now.

    – I hit Checkout Now

    – It changed top a page that just had Checkout and continue checkout button on it.

    – Clicked continue checkout and got a pink error that said

    There was a problem connecting to PayPal to setup your purchase. Please try again.
    10525 - Invalid Data - This transaction cannot be processed. The amount to be charged is zero.

    I looked for a manual check out option in Select Payment Gateway(s). (if I member correctly there was one)

    What did I do or set up wrong?

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Sorry, with it marked as resolved we missed it. Currently MP handles free orders fine, but when trying to combine free and paid products with the Paypal gateway Paypal rejects it due to their API limitations. I’m going to see if it’s possible to simply skip sending free products in the cart to the Paypal API to avoid the error (they won’t show on Paypal page order summary though).

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