FREE for all members (new version)

I did this before, and thought it would be good to do it again.

I have now removed this plugin from Code Canyon, and will be sellign it on my own website for £25. However, you can get it for FREE with this link.

why am I doing this? I still need 56 points to officially make it to lifetime membership status. If you want to give me any points for this, then please do. This isn’t a condition of downloading though – think of it as a gift to the community.

Here is the official write-up:

Facebook Tabs for WordPress is a plugin for WordPress which allows you to easily place your entire WordPress website inside a Facebook page.

It seems that almost everybody has a Facebook account and, with almost all the major companies joining in, it is fast becoming accepted as the way to go. This is integration at its best.

Facebook Tabs for WordPress enables you to look like the big boys by giving you the ability to easily integrate your full WordPress site within Facebook. It has many possibilities, even giving you the opportunity to host your BuddyPress social network within Facebook.

This is a very simple system to use but, to be absolutely sure that you are able to use it with no problems, you will find a full user guide included. This user guide covers everything you need to know, including:

• How to set up a Facebook page

• How to set up a Facebook app

• How to connect your app to one or more pages

• Where to get a free SSL certificate

• How to set up an app with no SSL certificate required

The written user guide is now available in three different versions, which are:


•ePub (the most popular e-book format)

•Mobi (for the Kindle)

If you want to see exactly how to do everything, you can just watch our high quality video version of the user guide, which is included within the download.

The video is in full HD, 1920×1080 pixels, and looks good on any sized monitor or TV screen.

Need any support? Just ask me here.

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