Free membership not going to Home page after completion

I have a issue with free membership registration the member is not being redirected to the Home page (configured in Membership Options) but instead being redirected to the Subscriptions page. The site has both free and paid subscriptions. We also have allow incomplete registration checked as well.

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    That's the way it works on our site as well. The user has to click on the "subscribe" button to get to the "registration complete" page.

    I'm not crazy about the way it works, as some of our users get confused. So we plan to change the "subscribe" button to read something else.

    I'd love to see an update to Membership to skip the subscription step for free levels.

  • Tom Eagles
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    That's the way it works unfortunately, the only way to do it other wise would be to create single sales pages for each level

    [subscriptiontitle subscription="2"]
    [subscriptiondetails subscription="2"]
    [subscriptionprice subscription="2"]
    [subscriptionbutton subscription="2"]

    Replace the number with the ID of the subscription, this would reduce confusion.

    Or do a custom registration page in say gravity forms



  • caevan_sachinwalla
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    Thanks I managed to get around it by placing 5 lines of code to membershippublic.php.
    The client did not want the second step as he felt it confusing to his clientèle especially since they were receiving a confirmation email before the second step.
    While I am opposed to modifying the plugin code, and counselled against it, in the end that is what he wanted.

  • caevan_sachinwalla
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    In do_subscription_form()

    around 1567 there is a comment // Hack for now - eeek
    in the following else
    There is a comment
    // everything seems fine (so far), so we have our queued user so let's
    // add do the payment and completion page
    $content = $this->output_paymentpage( $user_id );
    $member = new M_Membership( $user_id );
    $gateways = get_option('membership_activated_gateways', array());
    $sub_id = $_GET['subscription'];

    $content_post = get_post($M_options['registrationcompleted_page']);
    $content = $content_post->post_content;

    It is not perfect but does the job.

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