FREE trial links in course curriculum redirecting back to course details page


When I was using CoursePress Pro with its default CoursePress theme, when a user who was NOT logged in was viewing the course details page and they clicked on a lesson with a FREE sample, it would open up that lesson, no problem.

However, when I switched to another theme, this stopped working for users who were NOT logged in. It still works fine if a user is logged in, but when not logged in, it doesn't work, it simply redirects to the course details page.

For example, see this page:

When you click on the FREE green buttons, as long as you are not logged in, it redirects to the same course details page.

However, if you are logged in, it will show you the free lesson all OK.

To troubleshoot, I did this:

I made a copy on my staging site, I then I:

1. changed to CoursePress theme. I did not disable any plugins at all. It worked perfectly.

2. changed to Twenty Fourteen theme. I did not disable any plugins at all. It started redirecting again.

3. I changed back to my SociallyViral theme, then deactivated ALL plugins except CoursePress Pro, MarketPress, and UberMenu. It still behaved as above, redirecting if user is logged out.

4. Switch it to the Course Press theme, and it redirects again!

So it appears that the plugins are not causing this problem, it appears to be a problem that comes up any time you use any theme other than the CoursePress theme.

I have activated Support Access on Staging, please feel free to independently test on Staging as you like.

Any ideas on how we can solve this one, @Hoang Ngo and team?

Thank you very much and have a great day,