Free Trial To Paid Member - Big Problems!

I have a big problem with the membership plugin, that I could do with some urgent help with please.

I have posted before about trying to implement a 14 day free trial on my site, with the ability for the member to upgrade to a paid subscription at any point during their trial. I would have thought this was a pretty normal requirement...

Anyway here's what's happening.

Wordpress/Buddypress registration is disabled and visitors are directed to the membership's plugin registration page. On the first page they complete their username, password, that kind of stuff and hit the submit button.

They are then presented with the subscription page, where they choose what subscription to choose. The options are as follows:

14 day free trial
1 X Month
3 X Months
6 X Months
12 X Months

As an example, the user clicks on the 14 day free trial and successfully completes registration...

The problem I am facing is how does the new member upgrade to one of the other subscription levels during their free trial.

I have setup the Account Information page with the [accountform] and [renewform] shortcode included but when a member accesses this page to upgrade their membership, they receive the following:

You are currently on the subscription : 14 Day Free Trail
Your membership is due to expire on : 24th September 2011

There is NO option for them to upgrade UNTIL their 14 day free trial expires. At which point they can then upgrade.

I think the problem lies within the default Gateway, as each member on the free trial automatically gets assigned the Admin Gateway.

If I 'Edit Member' in the membership dashboard and move the member from the Admin Gateway to the PayPalSolo Gateway and then access the Account Information page again for that user, then the paid subscriptions appear.

..BUT if I then click on one of these paid subscribe buttons, the members account is then upgraded to that subscription level without passing through PayPal. In other words members can upgrade to ANY level completely free.

I really need some urgent help with this please?

I am using the latest version on Wordpress and Buddypress and Membership Plugin 2.07

Whats going on here?

  • godrob

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, If I select a paid subscription level instead of the 14 day free trial when registering, then the users is directed to PayPal to complete the transaction, so that seems okay.

    At the minute, once the 14 Day Free Trial expires and a member accesses a restricted page, they will receive the various paid subscriptions options, as mentioned above without problem. Once they click on a paid subscription they are directed to PayPal to complete the transaction, and the whole upgrade works just fine.

    The issue only seems to occur when a member tries to upgrade their membership DURING their trial.

    Please advise as soon as you can.


  • Barry

    ..BUT if I then click on one of these paid subscribe buttons, the members account is then upgraded to that subscription level without passing through PayPal. In other words members can upgrade to ANY level completely free.

    Unfortunately that's the way that paypal works. Both solo and Express - if you are on a free subscription and you upgrade to another it doesn't take a payment until the scheduled renewal time. So what you are getting is 14 days free, if during that 14 days they upgrade to another plan, they get that for the remainder of their 14 days and then have to pay at the end to continue.

    I'm working on a way around that for the next update (beta 3), but it is, I admit, a real pain.

  • godrob

    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I think I'm missing an important step. Where is it that I can assigned a Gateway to a Subscription? As it is, when a member joins on a Free Trial they are put on the Admin Gateway. Is this not right?

    Mmmmm, I thought you were going to say something like that. Darn it! So, to get this clear in my head. If a member joins on the 14 Day Free Trial and then upgrades to say a 12 Month Membership during their trial, they will NOT be billed for it until the 14 Day Trial has expired, is that correct?

    If so, what is the exact procedure please on becoming a paid member from a free trial, how does it work?

    Say for example I am a new user who registers for the free trial. I love the site and want to pay for my membership on day 10 of the trial. So, I click on the 12 month membership and am instantly upgraded on to that subscription level (without paying).

    What happens now on day 14? Do I then have to click the 12 Month Membership button again to be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction, or will I automatically be sent straight to PayPal to complete the transaction for a 12 Month Membership?

    Is it only PayPal that has this limitation? Could I get around this with another Gateway system instead?

    Just for confirmation I have the following set:

    Renewal Period Limit - 14 Days
    Upgrade Period Limit - 1 Day

    Please advise


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