Free user at Pro sites

Hi there,

1. I just wondering is it possible to have free user at Pro sites plugin ?
Cause now I have made 0.00 and users still needs to check out with paypal or credit card...
And I have found in previous post Aaron talking that it is not possible to check out 0.00

"Thorston, there are a number of things to look at. First off raise your price, it very well could be too small a price (.01 - (.30 + 2.9% transaction fee)) does not really work math wise." says Aaron..
Can somebody answer this question to me ? Cause I was reading in previous posts that this function will be allowed.

2. Also Pro sites check out page is made a bit stupid from marketing side.. User choose subscription by the account descriptions, functionality and benefits what the portal/web site can offer for user. And now here is all about subscription name and prices, that means user are buying price but not functionality that's same like to buy cat in a bag :slight_smile: am I right ?
Can I add some extra information below subscription name ?