Free vs Paid Membership Options

I have read your instructions...

I need to know if there is a way to allow some of my members an always free subscription with no teasers as to why they should subscribe later.

My tabs are

1. Free %100 Membership for life with option to cancel anytime. No teasers no enticements.
2. Free (with teaser content) 15 or 30 day trial which will revert to paid subscription after the trial period has ended

And maybe another option for VIP which I can add later and not on the day the website is launched as I am still contemplating this third option.

From my reading it appears you only have two basic levels and the Free level seems like it can still entice the free members which I am trying to avoid altogether as I want the free level free with no teasers or enticements whatsoever.

Since you stated these as minimum levels, it appears I can get this done but I stand corrected.
1. Free (or teaser) content, which is accessible to everyone and is used to entice potential new members into subscribing (and also help with SEO)
2. Members only content, which is only accessible to those who have an active (paid or free) subscription to the site.

Thanks for help