[FREEBIE] MarketPress Checkout Recommendation Plugin

Hi WPMUDEV members,

If you’d ever wanted to offer your customers recommendation products when they are about to checkout - just like Amazon.com and Etsy.com does it, then this is your plugin.

MarketPress Checkout Recommendation plugin is designed to quadruple your overall sales by offering checkout recommendation for your customers.

Once you've activated the plugin, new options will be added to the 'edit product' page, which you can assign what products (up to 4) to be included in the checkout recommendation for each products.

This plugin will definitely increase order completion and easily quadruple sales.

Live Demo Worth a Million Words. Hop over to my live demo sites now to see how this plugin works: FlexMarket | PRO

To Download (Yes, it's FREE):

You can download the plugin from MarketPressThemes.com. You'll need to create an account first before you can proceed to the user dashboard to download the plugin.

*If you have problem creating an account, kindly contact me here: http://www.marketpressthemes.com/contact/

How to use This Plugin:
Kindly refer here: http://www.marketpressthemes.com/blog/tutorial/using-marketpress-checkout-recommendation-plugin/

If you have any questions regarding this plugin, please do let me know.

Cheers, Nathan.