[FREEBIE] MarketPress Floating Cart Plugin

Hi WPMUDEV members,

If you always wanted your customers to be able to calculate the cost of their entire order without navigate to and from the checkout page, then, this brand new plugin is what you have been waiting for!

MarketPress Floating Cart Plugin creates a shopping cart that hovers or "floats" above your website, and lets your customers view total items in their cart as well as their order subtotal (update instantly - just like amazon.com does it).

No matter where your customer is on the website they can always access the cart with just one click! This plugin certainly can optimize your customers' shopping experience as well as encourage increased order values.

Here are some features included in this plugin:
- Hovers or "floats" above your website. Your customers can always access the shopping cart with just one click!
- Output the number of items in the cart as well as order subtotal.
- Update the number of items and subtotal instantly whenever your customer clicks the 'Add to Cart' button - just like amazon.com does it!
- Up to 7 pre-defined colors to choose from.
- Ability to relocate the cart button to 6 different positions around the webpage.

To Download (Yes, it's FREE):

There are two ways to download MP Floating Cart Plugin:

Option #1 (recommended):
Download the plugin from MarketPressThemes.com. You'll need to create an account first before you can proceed to the user dashboard to download the plugin.

Option #2:
Alternately, you can also download the plugin through GitHub. Once you've downloaded the zip file from github, proceed to unpack the zip file and rename the folder to: 'mp-floating-cart', then zip / compress the renamed folder and upload it to your WordPress site.

To install & use:
1. Login to your WP admin panel.
2. Go to Plugins > Add New. Then, select the zipped plugin file and press "install now"
3. Once you've successfully installed the plugin into your WP site, proceed to activate the plugin.
4. Next, go to Products > Floating Cart, turn on the Floating Cart and customize the settings to suit your needs.
5. Finally, click "Save Changes" button to save all your settings.

If you have any questions regarding this plugin, please do let me know.

Cheers, Nathan.