[FREEBIE] MarketPress Product Search Widget Plugin

Hi WPMUDEV members,

If you’d ever wanted to give your customers the ability to find the product they want across your marketpress network – just like Etsy.com does it, then this is your plugin.

MarketPress Product Search Widget Plugin is designed to make it easy for your customers to find the product they want based on their preferences.

Simply place the widget where you’d like it to sit, edit the configuration options and you’re good to go!

Here are some features included in this plugin:

–> Advanced Product Search Option – narrow down the search through different parameters, such as category, tag, and price range.

–> Compatible with Multisite environment – let your customers do global product search across your MarketPress network – just like Etsy.com does it.

–> Built to Impress – display all the search results in a nice, beautiful modal view, together with product thumbnail, price, and ‘buy now’ button for each items.

–> Advanced Soft System – allow your customers to sort the search results based on different parameters, such as release date, title, price, sales.

–> Empowered by AJAX Technology – perform high-level search queries without crashing the server.

Live Demo: FlexMarket | PRO | GridMarket | SimpleMarket | Twenty Twelve

To Download (Yes, it’s FREE):

There are two ways to download MP Product Search Widget Plugin:

Option #1 (recommended):

Download the plugin from MarketPressThemes.com. You’ll need to create an account first before you can proceed to the user dashboard to download the plugin.

Option #2:

Alternately, you can also download the plugin through GitHub. Once you’ve downloaded the zip file from github, proceed to unpack the zip file and rename the folder to: ‘mp-product-search-widget’, then zip / compress the renamed folder and upload it to your WordPress site.

How to use This Plugin:

Kindly refer here: http://www.marketpressthemes.com/blog/tutorial/using-marketpress-product-search-widget/

If you have any questions regarding this plugin, please do let me know.

Cheers, Nathan.