French BuddyPress with PWMUDEV


I am going to install BuddyPress in french version.

I want it to be compatible with all plugins and themes from WPMUDEV.

But I could find BuddyPress in french version only with BuddyPress 1.2.9 and on WPMUDEV site it is said that plugins and themes are compatible with BuddyPress 1.6.3 . (For exemple Ultimate Facebook and Blogs MU)

The plugins and themes from WPMUDEV, are they compatible with BuddyPress 1.6.3 only?

Or does it mean they are up to date ready for BuddyPress 1.6.3 and can work very well with older version including BuddyPress 1.2.9 ?

(I would be glad to find a french BuddyPress 1.6.3 version if you know where?)