Fresh Install -Having many issues

can’t believe i did this, but i did! I did a complete database backup and a full export of my site, then started over with a fresh install. It was exactly where I wanted it, except that it kept breaking….and despite lots of attempts to find a solution to the problem, it never got resolved.

Upon entering a fresh new admin, I selected tools>import to import my site, and much to my dismay…many, many, many files failed to upload.

I am attempting to use studio-child, but am returning a fatal error message : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare studio_widgets_init() in /home/tutuolog/public_html/wp-content/themes/studio/functions.php on line 26.

soooo, it looks like I am back to square one after 7 months of trying to get this rolling.

Is there any way at all to go back to where I was? I’d take back my broken and buggy site over this :slight_frown: