Fresh install, WP 3.2.1, MarketPress 2.1.6 -- shipping/payment gateways "missing"

Long time WP user (6-7 years or so?), well versed in writing my own plugins, CSS, etc. Having an issue with MP 2.1.6 that I can't seem to figure out. My issues are in bold below...

WP 3.2.1 is MultiSite enabled -- and works fine.

MP 2.1.6 settings are as follows:
* Network Admin/Settings/MarketPress: Enable Global shopping cart Yes

* Site Admin/Products/Store Settings: [Shipping Tab] under "Select Shipping Method" the ONLY method available in the dropdown is "No Shipping"

* Site Admin/Products/Store Settings: [Payments Tab] - There's nothing on this page except "Save Changes"

What am I forgetting to do?