Friday Will Not Display No Matter What


For some unknown reason, Friday is not available to select.

I have:
Time Base of 30 min.
Work? M-F set to Yes, S&S No.
No Breaks Set
Four Services with 180 min Duration.
Allow Overwork (end of day) set to Yes.
Allow Overwork (break hours) set to No. Tired setting to yes also.
There are no exceptions, locations, payments (yet).
Cache is off, I've manually cleared and cleared browser.
Checked it in an different browser incognito window.
Enabled Ad-ons are: AJAX shortcode, Allow HTML emails, Locations, Tetris Mode.
Setup Google API with a blank, unused calendar.

I've tried setting Friday to No then saving, clearing cache and refreshing page. I've also tied setting Tuesday to No and it still allows for Tuesday booking. This makes me wonder if there's another issue.

My page has these shortcodes

Thank you for your help.