Friend Request - 'Reattempt' Needed

There needs to be a way ... and I'm hoping that WPMUDEV can jump on this ... to be able to RE-ATTEMPT the 'Friend Request' aspect of things. Currently, if you ask for FRIEND REQUEST - then that button is greyed out with FRIENDSHIP REQUESTED status...but, you can't do anything beyond that. Can your team developer add another button REQUEST FRIENDSHIP AGAIN that is available for multiple attempts if required....

With SPAM filters today set to stop most all new mail, it's not unusual that friend requests would either be immediately deleted, or just lost in junk mail. If you have a formal dialog with someone to tell them to look for the Friend Request again - you can't send them one. THIS MEANS YOU CAN NEVER MAKE A CONNECTION with that person.

Rather than tossing the ball to on our end - can I suggest that with the clout that WPMUDEV has (I assume...given your userbase) that this should come from you folks to if you can't outright come up with a better programming solution within the Theme itself.

I've read in topic that this is an item that is made aware of; however, it such a vital aspect of building social networking, that without this functionality - it REALLY hampers the ability to grow your network.

Please advise...much thanks.