Friendly UX with website built on filtering

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I’m an average Joe, and a novice when it comes to building websites. Currently, I’m a part of a Think Tank, for a lady that runs multiple health- and lifestyle blogs.

Said lady wanted suggestions on how to make less content, and focus on 1-2 sites, instead of 10. She’s agreed to “kill her darlings” and concentrate more effort, on less.

I suggested we incorporate the use of filtering on one of her websites. When she asked me “how”, all I could do was to tell her about a website I stumbled across the other day, called askgamblers.

It has nothing to to with our bosses market and niches, but the site make great use of filtering.

Which brings me to this:

She uses a theme called DIVI, and she wonder’s if the same type of filtering is achievable on her standard wordpress site. As far as I know, we can make use of “tags”, and “categories” but I am not sure. I am a writer – not a developer.

If you could please point me in the right direction, or give me a few hints on how to create such a site – I am very happy.