Friends plugin

Is it possible to display, say 12 friends avatars in a custom div on my profile template.
I'm not using sidebars on the profile page but would like other users who visit each one another's profiles to see their top 12 friends in a div.
I recently posted a comment on an old topic about groups and asked something similar to this but it was to populate a div with 8 group avatars. So, I just wanted to clear it up that I'm not double posting the same (technically the same) question.

  • Weird Mike
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    Yea, I thought of doing it that way but I wasn't sure if there was possibly a shorter route using something similar to "bp_user_friends()" or not so that way I could drop that into my div and then add some additional terms to set the visible number of friends for it. I'll wade through the holy code lol

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