friends! We offer design and improvement of online stores

Hi friends!

We offer design and improvement of online stores

Could you please help us creating a document with the worst practices and things you should never do when designing a virtual store on wordpress, with both marketplace and woocommerce?

Thank you!

  • Vaughan

    Hi @azulbambu

    I'm probably not the best person to ask on e-commerce.

    I guess not researching the market is 1 thing should shouldn't do. Making your site hard to navigate. Your users should be able to easily find what they want & then be able to purchase it as easy & as efficiently as possible.

    Make your Terms & conditions clear & easy to find. The same with Privacy policies.

    Don't try & replicate other well known sites, we all know what ebay & amazon look like. What makes yours so special that I should use you instead of amazon? If you're making your site like others, then to me that makes you look like you just want to compete & have no originality. You want to try & be Unique, make people want to visit your site, what can you offer that the others can't (other than cheaper prices).

    Don't inundate your visitors with lots of Ads. especially pop up Ads. When I see an e-commerce site that floods me with Ads everytime I visit, you can guarantee I will not be visiting much again unless you have a unique product I can't get anywhere else.

    User experience is the key.

    Hope this helps

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